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Nimiq Cashlinks empower you to send money over a link. Send NIM to someone new to Nimiq, to someone whose address you don’t now or to the first stranger to find the link.

Companies are leveraging increasingly ingenious ways to merge the real-word with technology. This shift can be seen in the rise of popular gaming augmented reality and location-based gaming titles like PokemonGo and Harry Potter: Wizard Unite.

When it comes to marketing, many companies are starting to blur the lines between off-line and online marketing with promotions like a real-world treasure hunts broadcast over platforms like Twitter. Giveaway events like this are held by companies wanting to increase brand awareness and engagement on their social channels and these are an increasingly popular way for brands to market their products.

Nimiq wants to make it even easier for brands and individuals to run real-world giveaways or promotions. That’s why we have created cash-links, which enable users to create a link or QR code that contains NIM. Simply, scan the QR code and the user is instantly credited NIM to their wallet balance.

One neat use-case for the Cashlinks are Nimiq’s business cards, not only providing contact info, but a nice gift and product demo as well.

Nimiq has taken things to the next level by implementing a password feature to restrict who can claim the NIM in a cash-link. Think about it; if you are running a giveaway promotion with NIM, you can hide stickers with QR codes in an area and tell your audience the password to unlock the NIM in the QR code. This way only people who are actively engaging in your promotion can claim NIM prizes.

The use of cashlinks could extend to more than being just a promotional tool, they can also be used to send NIM to people whose address you do not know or even as a new way to store your NIM.


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