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Nimiq was the first coin that could be directly mined over any browser, with one click. As we are switching from PoW to PoS now, this changes a bit. Still, we anticipate an end-user friendly interface that will allow regular people to participate in the staking process and effectively earn money from helping the network.

Nimiq was the first cryptocurrency that could be mined over any web browser with just one click of a button. Nimiq now plans to migrate from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake to significantly increase the scalability of the network. Indeed, Nimiq’s Albatross PoS consensus algorithm is currently under testing and is capable of performing close to the theoretical maximum for a single chain.

A migration to Albatross means that any NIM holder would be able to participate in staking and be rewarded for helping to secure the network.

Nimiq wants the benefits of staking to be open to all and anticipates a user-friendly interface which enables tech-savvy and regular users alike to stake their NIM tokens easily and earn rewards.

Nimiq’s aspiration

Empower and incentivize every owner of NIM to contribute to the network and profit from it.

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