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Idea Google and Facebook offer this already, but they make you pay with your data and privacy: convenient login to third parties.

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Creating an account with any new web service is often inconvenient. There are information to be provided and a new password to be memorized.

For most service providers, it is the crucial moment to convert a visitor into a user.

Big corporates know this and leverage it for their data collection interests. By offering a login over their platform and the already existing account a user has with them, they allow for a super quick and convenient login. The fundamental downside: They don’t do it for free.

Instead of paying with money, users pay with their data and privacy which is then sold to third parties. The Cambrigde Analytica controversy shows how serious the consequences can be.

With Nimiq, a user can log in with the same convenience but increased security and absolutely no nonconsensual misuse of private data.

The keys, created client side and exclusively known to the user, allow for reliable and non-custodial identification of an individual. This holds potential beyond just authentication oneself to a web service.

Q3 2019

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