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Nimiq allows for free and fair elections to be powered by the immutability and transparency of the Nimiq blockchain.

In recent times, voting and polls have suffered from manipulation to suit political, social and corporate agendas. The Hungarian general election of 2018 is one such alleged example where the human rights group Unhack Democracy Europe uncovered evidence of tampering with postal votes, missing ballots, and election software malfunctions. The problem is that with the current centralization and opaqueness of election processes, it’s exceptionally difficult for those on the outside to ‘prove beyond doubt’ that votes have indeed been rigged. That lack of transparency in reporting how people have voted has been a problem for almost as long as humans have held votes or polls.

Nimiq community member, Chugwig, has created the first voting app built to record votes on the Nimiq blockchain.

Indeed, this new voting system was used to elect the latest Community Funding Board Representatives who are tasked with selecting community projects to be supported by Team Nimiq. The key value of this approach is that votes are publicly recorded on the Nimiq blockchain and the integrity of the final vote tally can be double-checked by anybody.

Team Nimiq is excited about the potential of this new voting system and can see the potential application for areas such as social polls, holding company votes for resolutions and even predictive use-cases leveraging the ‘wisdom of the crowd’.

Despite all this early promise and the successful operation of the first elections on Nimiq, obstacles do exist such as vote manipulation via botting. Weighted totals which display the NIM held in the voter's balance could be one solution to this issue. However, the downside is that such a system could be deemed as unfair by smaller NIM stakeholders. Additional solutions such as voter whitelisting are also being explored to combat this issue.

No one knows what the future holds, however, Team Nimiq and the community is actively exploring new ways and potentially new applications for voting on Nimiq.

Check out the very first voting app built by the Nimiq community, for the Nimiq community.


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